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The Tax Advisory Company KPG & STRYJSKA provides comprehensive accounting services, including:

  • keeping account books and revenue and expense ledgers;
  • keeping VAT registers;
  • drawing up annual financial statements according to the provisions of Polish law;
  • drawing up monthly reports (balance sheet and profit and loss statement) in Polish, German and English;
  • drawing up other reports and financial analyses for the Client's internal use;
  • calculating monthly and quarterly VAT liabilities;
  • calculating personal and corporate income tax advances;
  • drawing up tax returns, reports for the Central Statistical Office, the National Bank of Poland and others;
  • preparing accounting policy in consultation with the Client.

Human resources and payroll

The Tax Advisory Company KPG & STRYJSKA provides comprehensive HR and Payroll services, including:

  • calculating employees' remuneration;
  • drawing up payrolls;
  • drawing up application and settlement documents for the Social Insurance Company;
  • drawing up documents for the State Fund for Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities;
  • drawing up PIT-4R, PIT-11, PIT-8AR, IFT tax returns;
  • keeping employees' personal files;
  • drawing up employment contracts, certificates of employment and declarations for employees.

Tax consultancy

tax expert's opinions

permanent or temporary service of providing tax advice regarding all the legal and tax liabilities binding in Poland;

tax audit

examining the correctness of establishing the object and basis of taxation as regards all or the selected taxes binding in Poland; verification of tax procedures adopted by a company and tax risk identification; presentation of recommendations concerning the adequate way of settlements, aimed at elimination of possible oversights and at tax optimization;

conducting tax proceedings

assistance and representation of customers in front of tax administration authorities, within tax proceedings conducted by those authorities and representing customers in front of administration courts;

preparation of documentation

for the need of transfer pricing and advisory and auditing services regarding transfer pricing, indication of opportunities to maximise transactions with affiliated entities;

analyses of agreements to avoid double taxation

for Polish entities having turnover abroad or running businesses abroad, or for foreign entities running businesses in Poland; establishing fiscal residence; settlement of natural persons; financing from abroad; analyses concerning taxation of companies, departments and foreign offices;

issuing tax opinions on various contracts, transactions, investment projects

in particular commercial contracts, agreements on cooperation, transfer of ownership, license agreements etc.; consultations in that field allow avoiding incorrect entries and eliminate possible negative tax effects of incorrect entries, moreover, they thoroughly show the tax consequences of undertaken liabilities;

analysis of correctness of the actions undertaken on the real estate market

investment processes, verification of fixed assets qualification, optimisation of real estate tax;

assistance in active legal proceedings in relation to tax crimes and offences

advising on transformations of business entities

divisions, mergers, issuing tax opinions on the whole spectrum of legal actions preceding transformations and effects of those transformations; before commencing mergers our firm suggests also tax evaluation due diligence;

assistance in all the contacts with tax administration

in particular in obtaining tax interpretations;

registration for the VAT purpose

and keeping the required registers for the VAT purpose; preparation of the VAT declaration, advisory services regarding reimbursement of Polish VAT and foreign VAT on the basis of the 8th and 13th EU Directive;

comprehensive advisory services concerning employees' settlements

assistance in selecting the optimum in terms of taxation form of employment of the management; advisory services concerning settlements of social insurance and health insurance (also under the EU regulations); settlements of bonuses and other payments connected with provision of work, advising on seconded employees etc.;

tax planning

evaluation of the possibility to minimise tax liabilities of customers and preparation of plans in that area and assistance in implementing them;

tax risk management

permanent supervision of the activity (influencing the paid taxes) of the customer in a way allowing proper formation of action undertaken by the customer under the tax law binding from time to time;