Arletta Urbaś–Stryjska
Doradca podatkowy
Licensed tax advisor (entry no. 11271) as well as graduate of the Wrocław University of Economics specialising in Accounting and Auditing, she also completed post-graduate studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Wrocław. Thanks to completing German Philology, not only did she receive a respective academic title, but also the KDS Certificate issued by the Goethe Institute - she has a fluent command of the German language. Many years in the management of numerous businesses, e.g. as a chief finance officer of a production company or a CEO of an Austrian transport-spedition-logistics business, constitute her solid practical approach in her activity as a tax advisor.
Eugeniusz Urbaś
Biegły rewident
Licensed statutory auditor (entry no. 4219), graduate of the University of Economics in Wrocław. For many years he worked as a financial director - both in production and services. His experience serves him as a basis for advisory services for numerous businesses - in regard to the analysis of balances, income, and expenses.
Bogusław Książek, Ph.D.
Doctor of laws at the University of Wrocław as well as an active academic who researches the questions of the companies law and the law of commercial contracts and teaches these matters to the apprentice attorneys and students at the Chair of Commercial and Corporate Law of the University of Wrocław. Member of the Wrocław Bar and partner at the law firm KPG Keller, Książek, Grodzińska. Author of numerous publications on the subject of corporate and real estate law as well as commercial contracts.